7 Things you Need to Know about Recycling

Recycling has become a massive part of everyday life for many people during this time. Metal and scrap metal recycling has also had a resurgence of types, as it has become increasingly important, with many recycling centers emerging. There are also a lot of things to learn about scrap metal recycling that you may not have known. Let’s take a look at some of the things that you should know about recycling.

  1. It helps to reduce pollution because, by recycling, you have the ability to reuse, instead of mining for mineral ores and having to use all of the energy to make it into a metal.
  2. It helps to save resources, as mineral ores are a resource that does not grow, but that is simply occurring in nature. There is a fixed amount of these minerals in nature and that is why we work to preserve these mineral ores by recycling.
  3. It reduces energy consumption by a lot because of the fact that they are transforming instead of creating a metal from a mineral ore.
  4. Many metals are recyclable, including copper, aluminum, brass, steel and iron (ferrous) scrap.
  5. Both ferrous and non-ferrous materials are taken by recycling centers
  6. Copper is the most valuable metal to recycle. This is because, during construction, there is often copper necessary for parts of the construction.
  7. Crushing your aluminum cans can make you more money. This is because aluminum is typically weighed to gain a price point. If you crush your cans, you will have more room for cans, and ultimately make more money because you’ll have the extra room.

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