Common Uses For Recycled Metal

Most of us practice recycling because we know we should for the sake of the environment. We often turn to metal recycling because it can put some extra cash in our pockets, and help us do away with our junk cars or appliances. What we don’t always know, however, is what becomes of our recycled materials once we have sent them off. Scrap metal materials can go on to make an endless amount of new items that we use every day.

Food Packaging

Food packaging is commonly made from recycled aluminum and steel. Most canned goods today are at least partially made from recycled metal, and many are created 100% from recycled metals. The turnaround rate for this type of metal reuse is very fast, creating a streamlined and efficient production process. Using recycled metals also requires less machine processing, cutting back on energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions.


Scrap metal has a variety of industrial & construction uses. Recycled metals are used to build bridges and buildings. They can also be used for gutters & other roofing materials, as well as for window construction. On top of steel being used for many buildings’ main structures, this will typically be coated in a recycled tin to prevent corrosion.


Scrap metal is used in the production of all sorts of transportation means. This cuts down on costs and on emissions in the process of building a new vehicle.  The following can be created using scrap metal materials:

  • Aircrafts
  • Train cars
  • Railroads
  • Automobiles
  • Ships

Scrap metal has so many reusable purposes, and reusing materials instead of producing new metals cuts back on production costs & energy use. Just because you recycle a metal in the form of a vehicle, does not mean it will be remade into a vehicle – The possibilities are endless for where your metal might end up! Recycling scrap metal is an economically and environmentally beneficial practice. To get cash for your scrap metal in the Massachusetts area, contact us at Allied Recycling Center today.