How Are Cars Recycled?

No matter how well we take care of our vehicles, they all eventually reach their shelf life. The question at that point is, what do you do with your undrivable car? Did you know that the majority of car parts can be recycled?

Oil & Fluids

If motor oil or other pollutants are improperly disposed of, they will sink into the ground and contaminate the local water supply & food chain. This affects public health, as well as the ecosystem. Along with motor oil, cars have brake fluid, steering fluid, gasoline, and other potentially hazardous materials that require responsible disposal methods. When you trade in your junk car to a scrap metal yard, this ensures that the motor oil & other fluids will be disposed of properly. 

Car Battery

Automotive batteries are one of the most frequently recycled car parts. Even batteries that are old & have reached their shelf life can be remade into new ones. This saves the environment, instead of putting the battery acid & lead into our earth.


Tires are not biodegradable, yet they are mass-produced and constantly replaced after they reach their mileage limit on vehicles. Luckily the rubber from tires can now be recycled using a variety of methods when you choose to dispose of them responsibly. Donating or recycling tires allows for less production of rubber & less damaging waste.

Scrap Metal

Scrap metal is one of the most significant ways that recycling your vehicle will make a difference, and make you money. Cars are made of metal, from the numerous parts under the hood to the doors and hoods themselves. Aluminum & steel are some of the most valuable items to trade with a scrap yard, and they are also the most quickly recycled. This puts extra cash in your pocket and allows for less energy use in the production of new metals.

Sell Your Junk Car

Over 90% of the parts in a vehicle can be recycled. Trading in your junk vehicle will help the environment and you can receive cash for your trade-in. To talk about an on-site junk car removal in the Boston area, contact Allied Recycling & Scrap Center at 508-668-8699.