How to Recycle

New to Metal Recycling?

First time recycling at our facility? Don’t worry it’s an easy process and we will have you in and out in no time!

Step # 1 : Bring your material to Allied Recycling.

1901 Main Street Walpole, Ma 02081

Step # 2 : Pull down the driveway and wait for the green light to pull onto the scale.

Step # 3 : When the green light is lit, pull onto the scale and drive up to the speaker.

Step # 4 : The scale master will ask you for your name, inspect the material you have and guide you to the correct area for drop off.

Step # 5 : After unloading, head backup to he scale and wait for the green light to proceed.

Once you pull onto the scale, place the vehicle in park, and come around to your left inside the office. Be sure to bring your state issued I.D. or driver’s license.

Step # 6 : Get paid TOP DOLLAR for all your recyclable metal.

Leave happy knowing you did your part to help preserve our future!

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