Items That You Can Recycle

Recycling is very important and especially when it comes to scrap metal recycling, there are so many options. You can almost recycle everything when it comes to scrap metal and there are many things, especially household items that you would not expect to be made from these materials. Let’s take a look at some of the things you can and can not recycle today.

Items that Can be Recycled

  • Aluminum: Aluminum is known for being used with cans, and is what foil is made out of. Even though it is occasionally called tin-foil, it is made of aluminum and not tin.
  • Brass: This material is typically a home-remodeler’s dream. Most of your home architecture probably has brass as a part of it, including doorknobs, the hinges and even the locks on the doors. This being said, it can also make up faucets, valves and all sorts of pipe fittings in and around your home.
  • Cast Iron: Cast iron is universally known for the amazing pans that it makes. These pans are sturdy and heavy-duty, and therefore great for recycling.
  • Copper: Wiring, pipes, and electronics made of copper can be extremely valuable in regard to metal recycling. Copper is one of the most well-paid for metals and therefore
  • Steel: Things such as engines, cans, and bolts are all made out of steel.
  • Tin: Tin-foil is not actually made of tin, but aluminum. So what is made of tin? Welding applications and things such as cooking utensils.

Items That Are Not Recyclable

  • Radioactive metals
    • Uranium
    • Plutonium
  • Mercury or any objects that contain traces of mercury
  • Lead products: There are still different cables and wiring, especially in TVs that are made out of lead, so it is always good to double check before bringing anything to your local scrap metal recycling center.

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