Brookline, MA

Part of the Greater Boston area, Brookline is a large town that neighbors Allston, Brighton, Newton, West Roxbury, as well as the Mission Hill, Jamaica Plain and Fenway neighborhoods. Located west of the city, Brookline residents can access Boston and points west via the MBTA Green Line and Route 9. A fairly upscale community, Brookline ranks tenth in the state in terms of per capita income. As of 2010, the estimated population of Brookline was 58,732.

Brookline is divided into several different neighborhoods, most notably Coolidge Corner, Brookline Village, Chestnut Hill (which also extends into Newton, Brighton, and West Roxbury), and Washington Square. Many Boston-area students reside in Brookline given the presence and close proximity to Boston Colllege, Boston University, Wheelock, and Northeastern.

Notable points of interest in Brookline include the Coolidge Corner Theater, The Country Club, Larz Anderson Park and Auto Museum, and the John Goddard House. The Coolidge Corner neighborhood in particular offers residents and visitors many shops, restaurants, and historical sites

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