Norfolk, MA

Scrap Metal Recycling & Junk Car Removal in Norfolk, MA

In Norfolk County, Allied Recycling offers it’s services to the rural suburban town of Norfolk. Norfolk is located in eastern Massachusetts and to the east is Walpole where Allied Recycling calls home!

Junk Car Services

We offer free pick-up and towing for your clunkers and junk cars trucks, tractors or vehicles in Norfolk, MA. We can get it off your property and put cash right in your pocket. Allied Recycling will accept cars in any make or model, in any condition. Call for your free quote today at 508-668-8699 or fill out our form online!

If you are working on a home project or cleaning out your home, we provide container rental & pickup services to homes in Norfolk, MA. The goal of these containers is to maximize time savings for customers by minimizing the handling of scrap and we have multiple sizes available for your needs!

We also buy and sell scrap including copper, aluminum, steel, iron, and used auto parts at our scrap yard located at 1901 Main Street in Walpole, MA. For more information on our services fill out our contact form online.

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