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We offer a large array of services, including non-ferrous & ferrous scrap services, junk car services, dumpster container rental & pickup services and residential & commercial demolition services.

Metals We Buy/Sell

At Allied Recycling, we offer non-ferrous and ferrous scrap metal recycling services. We have the ability to recycle many different materials.

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Non-Ferrous ScrapAluminum

Ferrous ScrapHeavy Iron

Non-Ferrous ScrapCopper

Ferrous ScrapLight Iron

Non-Ferrous ScrapBrass

Ferrous ScrapJunk Cars

Non-Ferrous ScrapCopper Wires

Buyers of Ferrous & Non Ferrous ScrapAND MORE!

What Our Clients Say

Thoughts from our Clients

“They were friendly, quick, and accurate . I was called back within an hour with the part that I needed. Price was great too!”

Timothy L

“Completely amazed at how convenient, fast, friendly the service and entire yard is. Very professionally organized and well put together. Thanks for the help. A life-ling customer hands down.”

Johnny M

New to Scrap?

When trying anything new, the more you know beforehand, the more confident you are when you start. Whether visiting our scrap yard for the first time or bringing in a type of metal you’ve never recycled before, we want your visit to go smoothly.

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Wire Before

Wire After

Siding Before

Siding After

Copper Before

Copper After

Aluminum/Copper Before

Aluminum/Copper After

Buying and Selling Throughout the World

We offer a large array of services, including junk car services, non-ferrous & ferrous scrap services, dumpster container rental & pickup and residential & commercial demolition services

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