Whether ferrous, such as iron and junk cars or non-ferrous, such as aluminum or copper we can recycle it for you. Not sure what type of metal you have look at some of the metals we buy or take the magnetic test.

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We Accept the Following of Non-Ferrous:

300 Series Stainless

300 series stainless steel is used for many applications. Higher 300 series stainless is great for pharmaceutical and food industry

Electric Motor

Electric motors come in all shapes and sizes and generally has copper winding inside. It helps convert electrical energy into mechanical

Catalytic Converter

Found on automobiles and trucks. They help reduce pollution and contain precious metals.

Auto Battery

Lead acid batteries from vehicles and equipment.

Old Sheet

Like its counter part, light iron, sheet aluminum is a light gauge aluminum found in many consumer and industrial applications.

Brass Plumbing

Non-ferrous fixtures and valves used in the residential and industrial plumbing industry.

Bare Bright Wire

Nice shiny bright copper electrical wire with no connectors, foreign attachments or insulation.

Cast Aluminum

Cast aluminum scrap is aluminum poured into molds such as engine blocks, transmission, ornamental pieces.

400 Series Stainless

Contain higher levels of chromium which tends to make 400 stainless magnetic.

Industrial Steel Case Battery

Lead acid batteries encased in a steel box which allows for the batteries to be hooked up in parallel. Mostly found in electric fork lift,


Cupronickel or copper-nickel is an alloy of copper variang from 60-90% copper that contains nickel and sometimes other strengthening

Brass Water Meter

Residential and industrial water meters made from brass.

#1 Copper Pipe

Clean copper plumbing pipe. Contains no solder, paint, oxidization, or other containment.

Tungsten Carbide

Equal in both tungsten and carbon. It starts out as powder but can be pressed into parts and tools.

Stainless Turning

Turnings from the manufacturing of stainless steel. Can come in different grades.

Soft Lead

Pure lead from manufacturing, roofing and other applications.

Irony Aluminum

Generally cast or sheet aluminum with foreign attachments such as iron screws, plastic or rubber.

Brass Pipe

Pipes made from brass used to carry water.

#2 Copper Pipe

Plumbing pipe which containers solder, paint, and heavy oxidation.


An element metal resistant to corrosion in seawater, acids, and chlorine.

Range Lead

Indoor range lead from gun ranges

#3 Copper Flashing

Sheet copper such as roof flashing.

Semi-Red Brass

Semi-red brass is similar to red brass but with a higher lead content and also may contain yellow brass.


Aluminum rims from automobiles and trucks.

Insulated Aluminum Wire

A very good electrical conductor. Aluminum wire is becoming very common with the cost of copper wire rising.

Wheel Weight

Wheel weights from balancing wheels can be recycled. Whether it is made from lead, zinc or iron bring it in.

Copper Turning

Turnings from copper manufacturing. Can be different grades of copper.


A nickel-chromium-based superalloy. Inconels are oxidation-corrosion-resistant material well suited for pressure and heat.

Brass Machinery Part

Brass machinery parts which could be red brass, yellow brass, bronze or other brass yielding grades.


Zinc is typically used as an additive with other metals but may come as pure zinc scrap sheets or solids.

Aluminum/Copper Radiator

Found in home and office base heating boards as well as heating and refrigeration applications.


Composed of nickel, copper and other metals. Monel alloys are resistant to corrosion from fast moving seawater.

Rod Brass

Rod brass solids are excellent for machining operations and can be used as material for brass extruders.


Unlike cast, extrusion uses a solid heated piece of aluminum and it forced through a die to make long shapes.

Die Cast

Zinc based die castings. Found in ornaments as well as plumbing.

MLC Aluminum

MLC or mixed low copper is a very clean mixed metal aluminum alloy. It can come in solids, sheets, or clips.


Also known as Moly, an elemental metal which is highly corrosive resistant.

EDM Wire

Brass wire sometimes referred to as hair wire.

Aluminum Radiator

Aluminum radiators from vehicles or equipment can be recycled. All fluid must be drained.

Brass Turning

Brass turnings from manufacturing. They can come in different grades of brass.

Brass Shell

Those shells lying in the gun range are recyclable brass.


Bronze is an alloy consisting primarily of copper, tin and other metals and non-metals.

Nickel Silver Brass

Is a copper alloy with nickel and sometimes zinc. Nickel silver is named due to its silvery appearance, but contains no actual silver in the

Brass Radiator

Brass radiators are found in older automobiles, trucks and equipment.

Armored Cable Wire

Also know as BX Cable. Comes with aluminum or steel casing. Newer cable typically containers THHN wire well older cable may have cloth #2

Sealed Unit

Compressors from refrigeration and air cooling units and equipment.

Romex Wire

The electrical wire you typically find in residential and commercial walls running outlets, wall switches and over head lights.


High copper content electrical wire found in residential and industrial applications.

Communication Cable

Also known as cat wire. Used for wiring computer related devices.

Extension Cord

Electrical copper wire extension cords only.

MCM Cable

High copper containing electrical wire. Can contain up to 90-95% copper. Used in heavy power applications.

Well Pump Wire

Electrical wire which helps run sump pumps.

Low Grade Wire

Copper wire found in extension cords or charger cords.

Computer Wire

Computer wire is low grade copper wire found inside computers such as connector wires ribbon wire.

Harness Wire

Electrical wire usually wrapped which supplies power to the automobile and its components. It runs throughout the automobile.

Aluminum/Copper Radiator End

Steel ends with copper attached. The ends are typically removed from aluminum copper radiators.

Electric Meter

Electric meters both residential and commercial have copper components in them which makes them have some value. Typically separated by

Thermal Break

Aluminum extrusion with plastic or rubber molded or inserted into the material. Mostly used for commercial window and door applications.


Solenoids can be found on automotive starters or in the automotive itself. It helps convert electric energy into mechanical energy.


The stator is the stationary part found in electric generators or other electric motors. It contains copper winding.


In electric motors the armature is the rotating copper wound part which rotates in a stator to create electrical energy.

Beverage Can

Those aluminum cans used for beverages are recyclable. One of the most highly manufactured material from aluminum.

6000 Series Solid

6000 Series aluminum can come in all shapes and sizes from solids, sheets and extrusion. One of the most highly used aluminum in


Tin is an element which can be used to make cans, sheets or is added to other metals to make solder, brass etc.

Power Supply

Computers and other equipment have to be powered. When done with these units we can recycle the power supply.

Cell Phone

Did you know your cell phone contains all kinds of metals? Copper, aluminum and other metals. Some precious metals are contained in


Lots of metals in laptops. Copper, aluminum and some precious metals.

Telecom Equipment

Telecom equipment contains lots of copper, aluminum and other metals.


Servers run the internet and networks. Servers contain copper, aluminum and other metals.

Memory Card

Found in servers, laptops and desktops, memory cards contain precious metals.


The boards from computers and servers keep everything running. They contain copper, aluminum and other metals.


Typically towers are full computers used at home and work and contain all computer components.

CPU Chip

The brains of computers and servers. Some contain precious metals.


Nickel is used predominantly in stainless steel production but can come in a pure form such as sheets or bars.


Those drain spouts or gutters made from aluminum are recyclable.

Litho Sheet

Litho sheets used in the process of printing presses can be recycled whether new or old.

Aluminum Turning

Aluminum turnings from manufacturing. Can come in different grades of aluminum.

AC Compressor

AC compressors are found in air condition application on automobiles and trucks.


Ballast are used to regulate electricity. Mostly found in overhead florescent lighting in office buildings.


Transformers help transfer electrical energy using coils. The coils can be made from copper or aluminum.


Alternators are used mostly in automotive applications. It helps convert mechanical energy into electrical energy like a generator.


Starters like its name a helps automotive engines start and initiate operation.


Nickel based metal used in applications which require a higher corrosion resistance.

EC Aluminum Wire

Bare aluminum electrical wire with no connectors or insulation.