Junk Your Car

Get Cash For your Clunkers!

Here at Allied Recycling, we offer a junk car removal service unlike any other. We are with you during the entire process, from beginning to end, as we want to make this the most simple and fast removal of a junk car. We understand that sometimes you may really just want the junk car off of your property as soon as possible, and we work to do this for you. For more information on our junk car services, feel free to contact us today, or call us directly at 508-668-8699

Why Junk your Car?

Junking your car can be a difficult decision. Deciding on whether you would like to junk your car is the real difficult part, as a car can be worth a lot of money. Due to the price tag attached, you may want to sell your car, keep your car (even if it often needs repairs) or junk your car for cash. In order to learn more about why you could junk your car, feel free to check out our blog.

What We Offer

At Allied Recycling, we can offer you many services, but when it comes to junking your car, this is our absolute specialty. Here are some of the perks of allowing us to help you through the process of junking your car:

Speed: We work to get that junk car off of your property at your earliest convenience. We want to make sure you get rid of that car from where AND when you want.

Efficiency: We want this transition to be as seamless as possible for you, and we do not want you to have to worry about a thing, so we work very hard to make this dream a reality for you as the customer.

Seamless Transition: Alongside Efficiency, we work to create the seamless transition as described above.

Clean up: After you car is taken away, we double check everything to ensure the area is cleared. We will be looking for excess debris, as well as car parts that may have fallen off over the course of time

WE come to pick up the vehicle: We make sure to pick up the vehicle from your property, so that you don’t have to worry about getting it from Point A to Point B. Because you are junking your car, we are thinking that most of the cars (not all) are non-functional, and this is why we come get your junk cars.

Cash:To all our customers who junk their car, we offer them cash for their “clunkers”.


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