Industrial Service

We offer commercial and industrial accounts various packaging equipment in the plant or on site.

Packaging Equipment We Use

Steel Bins

3 yards to 6 yards of material can be put into these bins. Great for manufacturing and storing loose material.


Plastic Bins

These bins are light and great for low weight material from manufacturing.


Rolling Carts

Need to move light scrap from one location to another in the building. Try a rolling cart.



Plastic or metal barrels are great for holding manufacturing by products as well as other non-ferrous scrap metal.



Great for an in between to dump material collected into a container. Different sizes available.


Gaylord Boxes

One of the number one packaging material items used in the scrap industry. Can hold almost all metals if prepared.


Closed Top Containers

Closed top containers for unsecured sites or when you want to lock your material up.