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3 Reasons to Recycle and Trade Scrap Metal

Recycling is everywhere. It has become much easier to participate in recycling because there are assorted recycling bins at easy to find and frequently visited places, like retail store entrances. A recyclable material that is more unfamiliar to the mass public is scrap metal. How to recycle scrap is something that still confounds many people. There are several questions they may have.

“Where can I go to drop the scrap metal off?” or “What are we dropping off anyway?’”

Any kind of recycling commits to a more green environment and a healthier planet, however, there are several benefits of scrap metal specifically, being recycled that are often unnoticed.

Here are 3 of the key benefits of recycling your scrap metal:

Make Money

Just as you can earn money with other recyclables such as bottles and can returns, you are able to gain monetary value for scrap metal. The majority of people who trade scrap metal for extra cash are the ones who work in the trade industry. These workers would include factory workers, construction workers, electricians, demolitionists, and so on.  It is mandatory that these workers interact, and even remove all material that is aluminum, brass, copper, iron, and steel.  However, you do not have to have a profession in the trade industry to recycle scrap metal. Facilities that handle the recycling of scrap metal will almost never decline people who have their own scrap metal. If you happen to have aluminum siding or old copper piper, do not discard it, trade it in for some extra cash.

Positive Economic Impact

Recycling scrap metal positively impacts our economy considerably. Close to half a million workers are employed in the United States alone in the scrap metal industry.  With the demand for scrap metal skyrocketing, more jobs are being created every day. The scrap metal recycling business is a $100 billion-a-year industry, which is an uncommon representation of a business that produces a plethora of money while working hard to protect our environment at the same time.

Decreases Intrusive Mining

Recycling scrap metal also reduces the amount of intrusive mining that is required. Mining is a business that continuously works against our environment because it releases toxic compounds into our natural resources and our atmosphere.  Thus, destroying the quality of the soil and wrecking the habitats for the wildlife.  Although it is important that our civilization has access to precious metals such as copper and iron, the process of harvesting them is dangerous and alarming. While recycling the metals we are already mining for, we are continuing to keep the metals distributed.  Allowing us to reduce the amount of excavating that is required without decreasing the production of the products that are created by these metals.

Recycling scrap metal is also a fantastic way to get rid of old junk that you have acquired.

When considering all of the benefits of recycling scrap metal you can realize that it is a no-loss scenario for all. You are earning money to rid your home of excess scrap or junk while also aiding in the increase to the economy and preserving our environment. That is something we should all want to be a part of.

Remember all of these benefits next time you have any scrap metal, and give Allied Recycling & Scrap a call!