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What Types Of Metals Can I Sell For Scrap?

What types of metals can I sell for scrap?

Before you take all of your metals to the scrap yard, you should know how valuable it is so that you don’t end up with a bad deal. You can end up with some serious cash if you play your cards right!

Generally, non-ferrous metals such as copper and brass often carry a higher price tag than ferrous metals. One way you can know which metal is ferrous is through a magnet test. Ferrous metals contain iron, so they would stick to magnets. Non-ferrous metals do not stick to magnets. So, if you want to make good money from selling scrap metals, start paying attention to the non-ferrous metals around you.

Here are some of the best-pick metals that can fetch you good money from a scrap yard.

5 Best-Pick Metals You can Sell to Scrap Yards


Copper is one of the most sought after metals in scrap yards. Luckily, it can be found anywhere around the house. If you have old electrical appliances or old pipes, that’s real copper money staring you right in the face!


Do you have any item with a chic gold look but you know it’s not gold? Then it’s probably brass! That’s like a winning lottery ticket waiting to be redeemed.

There are a lot of items made out of brass that you can sell as scrap metals. Most trophies, bed frames, candlestick, and door handles are made out of brass.


We know what you’re about to say, “I’d rather just sell my silver at a jewelry store or pawn shop.”

But here’s what you probably didn’t know. There are some scrap yards that’d offer you better deals for your silverware, second place medals, and silver jewelries than jewelry stores.


Apart from soft drink nk cans and other product packages, you can get a great deal of aluminum from other households objects. For one, old bicycles, game consoles, and car parts contain a great deal of aluminum that can be cashed in.

Aluminum is one of the most sought after non-ferrous metals in different scrap yards. Having a large quantity of aluminum might fetch you some serious cash!


Gold is unlike other metals on this list. Except silver, other scrap metals do not share similar value as this precious metal. However, it is much harder to come by.

The chances of finding a gold chain lying around somewhere is really slim. Most people trade old jewelry, old coins, and other antique items for money. But you would be shocked at how much gold metal can be found in the remains of old electronic gadgets and computer parts.

Other metals that can fetch a good amount from scrap yards include lead and stainless steel.

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