Can You Sell Rusty Metal To A Recycling Center?

Yes! Even rusty metals can be sold to a scrap metal recycling center for their scrap value! While a rusted piece of metal may be worth slightly less than an identical non-rusted piece of metal due to the weight lost from corrosion, rusty metals can still earn you cash when you trade them in at your local scrap metal recycling facility! If you’re a resident of the Southeastern Massachusetts region that is looking to sell rusted metal or any other kind of scrap metal, contact our team at Allied Recycling Center in Walpole, MA!

What Is Rust?

Rust is a form of corrosion that occurs on metals that contain iron. Any metal that contains iron is known as a ferrous metal, and when ferrous metals are exposed to water & oxygen, rust begins to form. Different types of ferrous metal are more resistant to corrosion, and therefore they will begin to rust at different rates. How fast rust progresses depends on things like the exposure level, the type of metal, and whether or not the metal was coated.

As mentioned above, “rust” only applies to ferrous metals (types of metal that contain iron), but other metals also corrode, there are just different names for it. For example, copper, which is a non-ferrous metal, can corrode when it oxidizes, turning from the metal’s signature reddish-orange color to brownish-black, and eventually to a greenish-blue color. 

How To Remove Rust

Although rusty metal can be sold for its scrap value, you might be able to receive a better price from some scrap yards if you’re able to remove the rust on your own. There are several rust removal products that you can buy at a local hardware store that should do the trick! There are also a few DIY methods that you can try out, including soaking the metal in cola and rubbing salted lemons on the rusty parts! With this being said, getting rid of rust can be a laborious and time-intensive process. If you want to get the best price for scrap metal, you should do everything you can to prevent your ferrous metals from ever rusting in the first place!

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