Common Household Items That Can Be Sold As Scrap Metal

If you have a garage, basement, or other room in your home that is full of junk, you can make some money by selling your unwanted metal items! Depending on the number of metal items & type of metal you have, your unwanted junk may be worth hundreds of dollars to a scrap metal recycling facility! Here at Allied Recycling Center, we purchase almost all kinds of scrap metal, including copper, iron, brass, steel, aluminum, metal equipment, appliances, heavy machinery, and more! If you’re wondering what your scrap metal may be worth, visit our pages on the types of metal we buy! In this article, we’ll talk about some of the most common items that may be lying around your home that you can sell to a scrap metal recycling facility!

Old Grills 

If you have an old grill sitting somewhere untouched in your home or want to upgrade your existing one, you can sell it for cash! Because scrap metal prices are determined by weight and the type of metal, bulky old grills can be worth a nice chunk of change! Pocket some cash for your old grill and put it toward a new one!

Metal Furniture 

Another common household item that can be sold for scrap metal is a piece of old metal furniture! If you have chairs, tables, stools, etc., that are primarily made of metal, you can sell them for cash at your local scrap facility! As always, the amount you’ll get for metal furniture is determined by the weight and type of metal, so the more furniture you bring, the more money you’ll get!

Microwaves & Stoves 

Old appliances like microwave ovens and stoves are great items to sell for their value in scrap metal! Because these appliances are bulky & heavy, you can typically get a good amount of money for them when they are sold for their weight in scrap metal! The next time you replace an appliance, be sure not to throw it away. Instead, earn some cash for it at a scrap metal recycling center!

A/C Units  

Window air conditioning units seem to break beyond repair much more often than consumers would like them to. If you have one or more broken or unwanted A/C units sitting around your house, get some return on your investment by selling them to a scrap metal facility! Old air conditioners are extremely heavy and are primarily made of metal, meaning they can be worth quite a bit to a recycling center!

Pots & Pans 

Pots, pans, and other metal cookware are another item category that can be sold for their value in scrap metal. Most pots and pans are made from stainless steel, copper, aluminum, or cast iron, all of which are valuable scrap metals! If you have cast iron skillets, dutch ovens, or other heavy pots & pans, it may be worth bringing them to a scrap facility when it’s time to get rid of them!

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