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Everything You Need to Know About Ferrous Metals

Metal plays an important role in many aspects of our daily life. From the pop can holding your drink to the steel beams supporting a building, metal is all around us. However, some metal is different from the rest. Ferrous metals are a type of metal that hold unique features and abilities that non-ferrous metals lack. Let’s take a closer look at what exactly those differences are and why they matter.

What Are Ferrous Metals?

Ferrous metals include all iron-based metals. Steel and cast iron are the most common examples of ferrous metals we see each day. These metals are known for the strength and versatility that makes them ideal for use in automobiles, buildings, tools, appliances, and much more. The use of these metals in appliances is largely due to the fact that ferrous metals are typically magnetic. The magnetic ability of the metal is perfect for engines and other moving parts in an appliance. Ferrous metals other than cast iron and steel are prone to rusting if they experience moisture or other harsh conditions.

Scrapping Ferrous Metals

Ferrous metals make up the majority of the metal recycled and scrapped each year. In fact, over 40% of the steel industry depends on the use of recycled ferrous materials. Recycled materials offer the benefits of both a quicker production time and less of an environmental impact. With the use of recycled materials, enough energy has been saves to power nearly 18 million residences. Because most ferrous metals are magnetic, the recycling process is easy. Magnetic machines can be used to sort through and lift out usable materials. Some of the most commonly recycled ferrous metal sourced include:

  • Pop cans
  • Appliances
  • Machinery

You can likely recycle items in your home that contain ferrous materials you’d never consider! Think about water tanks, washing machines, and even old-style cast-iron bathtubs. Once you’ve gathered up the items containing ferrous metals in your home, continued recycling is the next step. Consider making a set location responsible for holding pop cans and other recyclable metal materials.

Contact our team at Allied Recycling Center to learn more about recycling ferrous metals. We serve all of the greater Boston area from the south shore to Western Massachuttes. We’re ready to answer any questions you may have about what can and cannot be recycled and walk you through the process! If you’re still seeking the final push to recycle your ferrous metals, take a second to remember that you will likely be compensated for your scrapped items! You can call us at  (508) 668-8699 or contact us.