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Frequently Asked Questions About Scrapping Cars

Scrapping a car can be somewhat confusing for an inexperienced seller; however, our team at Allied Recycling Center is here to walk you through the whole process! We provide free quotes and junk vehicle pickup services throughout Massachusetts, making the process as easy as possible for our clients! In this article, we’ll answer some of the most frequently asked questions about the junk vehicle scrapping process!

How Much Is My Junk Vehicle Worth? 

Determining the worth of your car starts with considering its weight, age, make, model, and condition. A working vehicle requires other information, such as mileage and new parts. Some junkyards even consider how much demand there is for the specific model. All of these aspects are important to determining how much you can make from scrapping your car. For a free quote on what your vehicle is worth, don’t hesitate to contact us!  

Do I Have to Prove Ownership To Scrap A Vehicle? 

Yes, you have to prove that you legally own the vehicle prior to selling it. There are a handful of legal documents that can prove ownership of the car. You will need the title, auction receipt, mechanic’s lien, repossession affidavit, or a storage lot lien. Without one of these documents, we’ll typically be unable to purchase your automobile.

Can I Have My Junk Vehicle Towed? 

Allied Recycling Center provides junk car pickups throughout the southeastern Massachusetts region! Simply contact us for a quote, set up a time for pickup, then get paid for your junk car!

Can I Donate My Junk Car? 

Donating junk cars is legal and accepted. While you won’t earn any cash, a donation allows for a tax deduction. Speak with a tax professional to determine how the deduction will work.  

Can I Negotiate on Price? 

Price negotiations are not typically accepted when scrapping a car. At Allied Recycling Center, our prices are set based on the scrap value of a vehicle’s materials and parts. 

Contact Allied Recycling Center!

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