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How Can I Get Rid of My Junk Car?

It is far too common for junk cars to take up space in a garage or yard for years, or even decades. They can be unsightly and attract unwanted attention to your property. While some people might attempt to renovate an old junk car, most people would rather simply get rid of them. Those who do are best off choosing a scrap metal yard for disposal, for several reasons. Curious to know why? Check out this breakdown to learn about the process of scrapping a junk car, and why it’s the best option.

Call for an estimate and book the removal. rusted junk car

Once you’ve decided to get rid of your junk car, the first thing you’ll do is call up local junkyards and scrap yards to ask about how much you could get for your vehicle. When you have this discussion, you’ll need to disclose the make and model of the car, and whether it has any damage. Be wary of a junkyard that asks you to bring the vehicle to the yard for an appraisal – they might try to offer too low of a price because your car is already there and you might not want the hassle of taking it back home. It’s best to discuss on the phone and then have them come to you. Allied Scrap Metal & Recycling will provide you with an estimate within 24 hours, and gladly pick up the vehicle from your property!

Get paid.

A good scrap yard will offer a reasonable price for your vehicle. If you are satisfied with the offer you’ve received from the yard, you can move on to the sale process. If the yard you are working with offers a removal service, the transaction can take place at your home.

If there is anything that might fetch you a better price, let the yard know. For example, if there are original parts or high-quality new replacement parts that will fetch more than scrap prices, you should have this factored into the offer. Once the price has been agreed on by both parties, you’ll hand over the title and get paid in cash or by check.

What happens to the car now?

Once you’ve said your farewells to your old junk car, it will be dismantled thoroughly and disposed of properly. And remember – it’s not just metal that scrappers take care of. If there are any liquids still in the car, like oil or washer fluid, these will be removed and disposed of so that they don’t seep into the ground and contaminate the earth or groundwater. Glass is usually removed to be recycled, and even plastic pieces and computer parts are removed and dealt with accordingly.

Why scrapping is best.

When you choose to sell your junk car to a scrap yard, you are ensuring that every bit of your car is either made use of or disposed of properly. You won’t have to go all over town recycling each part yourself. Instead, you’ll be assured that your car is taken apart and that parts that can be recycled, will be. Not to mention, you’ll leave the yard with cash in hand, and more free space in your garage! To get cash for your junk car near Walpole, MA, contact Allied Scrap today. 

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