How Can I Get the Most Money from My Junk Car?

There is some value in your junk car and you should try and get the most out of it before letting it go completely. Finding the right place to sell your junk car requires some preparation. There is always someone looking to give you less for your junk car when it’s worth more. It’s up to you to decide the type of seller that you want to be and who much you are willing to accept for your junk car. Check out these tips on how you can get the most money from your junk car.

Familiarize Yourself with the Lemon Laws

Every state has some form of Lemon Law, and it’s essential that you know about the one in the state you reside. According to, Lemon Laws are state and federal laws that provide a remedy to buyers who purchase cars or defective vehicles that fail to meet standards of quality and performance. In other words, Lemon Law governs the condition that a vehicle should be in for sale in order to protect a buyer from making a deal on a vehicle that is thought to be in better shape than it actually is. To avoid any legal trouble, it’s important to make the buyer aware of any serious safety hazard before finalizing a purchase. You may end up losing more than you gain if you fail to do so.

Know the Value of Your Car

Figuring out the true value of your junk car can help you when negotiating with a buyer. Appraisers tend to estimate the value of your vehicle using common factors, such as the location of the vehicle, year, make and model, condition of the vehicle and the current price of scrap metal. The diminished value of the car will play a role in determining how much you receive for it, but individual components can also help you get more cash, depending on the type of car you are selling. There are plenty of online tools, like that can give you an idea of the value of your junk car.

Avoid Getting Scammed

A scammer is always waiting for someone who is especially desperate to get rid of their junk car. Some signs to look out for include a buyer wanting to make a blind sale or purchase the car without seeing it upfront. The end result is often the seller getting stuck with a bad check that cannot be cashed. Another scam is a buyer offering the option of establishing a payment plan. This is a big no-no unless it’s a trusted friend or family member.

Sign a Contract

Even though it’s a junk car, it’s crucial to have a contract in place because it’s a smart way of doing business. A signed contract offers certain protections for both parties involved in the transaction and serves as proof of sale. A solid contract should have a detailed description of the condition of the car, terms of the sale and information that provides protection from any future liability.

You should get the best value for your junk car so be smart when selling. Allied Recycling Center can provide you with upfront pricing information for junking your car, confident buying experience and best of all, a sale that you’ll be happy with. For a free quote or with any questions, you can either contact us online or call us at (508) 668-8699.