How Does The Junk Vehicle Pickup Process Work?

Junk vehicles can sit idly in your garage or driveway for months doing nothing but taking up space. They can also be a real eyesore if they are outside on your property. The best solution for getting rid of a junk vehicle is to sell it for its scrap value to a recycling center in your area. If the vehicle no longer runs or isn’t road legal, many scrap metal recycling facilities (like here at Allied Recycling Center) offer junk vehicle pickup services! Getting your junk vehicle picked up by a scrap metal recycling facility will eliminate the need to pay a third party to have the car towed off your property! In this article, we’ll talk more about the specifics of how the junk vehicle process typically works! If you have any questions about junk vehicle pickups or are a resident of Southeastern Massachusetts that has a junk car sitting idly on your property, contact Allied Recycling Center today to get an estimate on what your junk vehicle is worth!

Initial Contact

The first step in the junk vehicle pickup process is for the owner of the junk car to reach out to a local scrap metal recycling center. Here at Allied Recycling, we strive to make the junk vehicle process as easy as possible for residents and business owners in Southeastern Massachusetts! Simply call us at (508) 668-8699 or fill out the junk vehicle form on our website, and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible to get the process started!

Assessing The Vehicle’s Value & Providing A Quote

In order to determine what we can offer you for your junk vehicle, we’ll need some basic information about the vehicle’s location, make, model, age, whether it has all its parts, whether its tires are flat, etc. In addition to these details, we’ll need to confirm whether or not you have the vehicle’s title. Once we have all this information, our team will provide you with an estimate of what we can pay you for your vehicle! 

Picking Up The Vehicle & Payment

If you decide to accept the quote we offer you, the next step will be to determine a date and time that works best for you to have your vehicle picked up. Here at Allied Recycling Center, we pride ourselves on customer service and flexibility, so we’ll work with you to set up a time to come tow the vehicle back to our scrapyard on the day and time that fits best in your schedule. Once we’ve come and picked up your junk vehicle, our team will pay you for its scrap value! 

Contact Allied Recycling Center For Junk Vehicle Pickup Services in Massachusetts!

If you’re looking into scrapping your vehicle in Southern Massachusetts and would like to get the most cash for your junk car, Allied Recycling Center is here for you! We even offer junk vehicle pickup services throughout the region! Contact us today to learn more or fill out the junk vehicle form on our website for a free quote! For more information, call us at (508) 668-8699!