How To Get Scrap Metal From Home Demolition & Remodeling Projects

Each year, thousands of homes and buildings are demolished in the United States. According to The Atlantic, about 200,000 to 300,000 houses are demolished every year. Every time a house is unlivable, it is demolished so a new one can be built on its land. The same applies to buildings with structural defects and buildings that have to be demolished for other reasons.  

The demolishing of buildings alone generates hundreds of millions in tons of metal waste. The good news is that you can reduce that waste, recycle it, and make good money doing so. The question is, where can you find scrap metals during construction, demolition, and renovation projects? 

Where Scrap Metal Can Be Found During Home Renovation Projects

The most valuable metal to scrap is copper. The price tag on scrap copper compared to other metals is relatively high, and the first place you can find such metal is in the bathrooms and kitchens of homes and buildings. One way to find scrap copper is to locate the water pipes within the walls and structures of bathrooms and kitchens. You can easily cut the wall or floorboard open to access these pipes. You can also find copper in your wiring.  

Before tearing the wiring framework apart, ensure it’s safe to do so by turning the electricity off. It is important to note that while copper is quite valuable, the price and extent of the value will be based on the metal’s purity and current market conditions. Contaminated metals usually depreciate in value. The price you’ll get for these materials will also depend on the type of copper you find.

Another metal that can be found and sold for scrap is brass. This metal can be hard to find, but the first place you should check is doorknobs, door handles, fixtures, and in the kitchen and bathrooms. Some pipes are also made of brass. Additionally, if you have any fixtures or furniture, you might want to check those for brass as well. 

Another metal that can be sold for scrap is aluminum. While this scrap metal has a lower value than copper and brass, it is significantly easier to find. You can find aluminum in sidings, window frames, gutters, doors, lightning rods, pots, cans, pans, and more. 

One more metal to keep an eye out for is steel. Steel is one of the cheapest metals used in home construction. As a rule of thumb, any metal around the house that isn’t brass, aluminum, or copper is most likely steel. You can find steel on shelves, heaters, metal chairs, and even lamps. It is also often used for kitchen appliances, so you can check those too. 

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