Knowing When to Scrap Your Car

The process of junking your car can be a simple one, but what comes before that is the hard part. Deciding on whether you would like to junk your car is the real difficult part, as a car can be worth a lot of money. Due to the price tag attached, you may want to sell your car, keep your car (even if it often needs repairs) or junk your car for cash. While selling your car receives the same output as junking it, there are no additional steps involved in junking your car, whereas if you decide to sell, you must essentially market your car and wait for someone to bite. Here are some of the reasons to determine if it is time to junk your car.

Maintenance Costs:

You may not notice how much these costs add up over the course of the year, but it can be a large number. To determine a cost comparison, add up all the repair work that your car has needed and divide to figure out the monthly cost of the vehicle. This can be used as a price point of what you will continue to have to spend. You can do a cost comparison between this and the cash you will get for junking your car to decide.

Current Value:

If the current value of your car is very low, sometimes it is better to junk your car and receive a lump sum amount of cash in return, as you could get a better car, or just take the money to put towards something else.

Car History:

looking back at the history of your car and its general health can really help to push towards a decision. Including past repairs, you may determine that it is not worth it to keep the car.

Your Current Needs:

Looking at your life can really make all the difference. If you need a car, and will be driving it often, it can be easier to use the junk money for a new vehicle. Similarly, you may determine that you don’t need a car for everyday life anymore.


This is a very large factor as if your car does not have proper safety mechanisms, such as seat belts or air bags, it is not worth it to keep, as it could be a danger to you and your family.

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