The Town of Walpole, MA


Walpole, MA is a suburban town conveniently located between Boston, MA and Providence, RI. Residents enjoy the urban amenities of the nearby cities while escaping the daily bustle of city life. With charming New England landscapes and diverse neighborhoods, Walpole is full of active residents with an unbeatable quality of life. Often described as ‘quaint’, Walpole is family and small business-oriented. Easy access to transportation makes for convenient commuting and getting around nearby towns & cities. Despite its industrial history, Walpole’s current economy is diverse and thriving. Success is not limited to the local manufacturers, distributors, retailers, but also the niche shops, restaurants, boutiques and more. Businesses and restaurants thrive along the major roadways in Walpole.

Junk Car & Scrap Metal Recycling in Walpole, MA

junk cars

At Allied Recycling we are a local scrap yard located in Walpole, servicing businesses and individuals in the Walpole area with scrap metal and junk car removal. Whether you are a resident in need of scrapping your car, or you are a business owner or contractor with any amount of waste metal, contact us at 508-668-8699 or e-mail us at to get paid for your metal scrap or junk car. We offer free pick up and towing for your clunkers and junk cars, trucks, tractors or vehicles in Walpole, MA, getting it off your property and putting cash in your pocket. We accept cars in any make or model, in any condition.

Sell Scrap Metal in Walpole, MA

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Looking to sell scrap metal? We buy scrap including copper, aluminum, steel, iron, and used auto parts at our scrap yard located at 1901 Main St, Walpole, MA. For more information on what types of metal we accept, please call our main office at 508-668-8699 or fill out our contact form!