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The Basics of Metal Recycling

Recycling metal from junk cars and scrap metal is not only good for the environment, but it can also put some money in your pocket. Metal recycling can be confusing because there are different prices for all the various metals to consider. If you are interested in getting involved with metal recycling, let our tips guide you in the process of recycling metal at Allied Recycling Center. 

What are the basics of metal recycling?compressed metal

Metal recycling is the process of collecting metal products and scraps that are no longer useful and bringing them to a collection center for money. Different metals have different properties that are more or less valuable. There are several tips on the best ways to collect metal for recycling. This article will help you to understand the basics of metal recycling.


No matter how you deal with metal, safety should always be your number one concern. Because you will be dealing with old, possibly sharp and rusted pieces of metal, there are several safety hazards that you will need protection from. 


A good pair of gloves is essential for metal recycling. Metal scraps and rusted pieces of metal are usually sharp and can cut or puncture your skin. Leather gloves are suitable, and ones that are puncture-resistant are ideal. 

Eye Protection

Your eyes are your windows to the world. Don’t risk them by being careless. When dealing with metal recycling, mainly scrap metal with sharp little pieces, always wear shatter-resistant eye protection. Goggles with complete side coverage are ideal. 

Protective Clothing

Loose clothing is not recommended when dealing with scrap metal. Your clothing could get caught on sharper pieces and present a hazard. Layered durable clothing can help protect against scratches and punctures. Solid footwear is recommended and steel toes if lifting and moving substantial parts of junk or scrap metal or junk cars. 

What Metals Are Accepted For Recycling? 

Most metals are accepted for recycling. The only few materials that are not approved for recycling are metals found in the tubes of television sets called cathode-ray cells. Mercury is also a metal that is not accepted for recycling. Precious metals ARE accepted for recycling, though you may want to take better care of these metals as jewelry or melting down of precious metals. 

What Are the Most Common Recycled Metals And Common Products From These Metals?

The most common metals for recycling are iron, steel, copper, aluminum, and brass. The following list has details about the most popular products you can find for recyclable scrap metal. 


The most common products made of iron can be found around your home. Common iron metal for recycling includes pipes, gas heater units, and barbeques. Iron corrodes quicker than other metals and has been replaced by metals like steel. 


Many large items and appliances around your home are made of steel. Some of the most common recyclable steel items around your home include cars, refrigerators, shelves, and chairs. Steel is easy to melt down and separated from impurities, so it is a precious recyclable metal. 


Aluminum cans are the most common products for recyclable aluminum. However, there are other aluminum products that you can recycle, including sidings, window pieces, gutters, and frames. Aluminum is versatile for scrap and quick to turn around into usable products. 


Copper yields the highest prices of all the metals in this list. Copper can be found in wiring because of its conductivity. 

Metal recycling is a much-needed process that actually can make products that we buy every day cheaper. By recycling metal, you are not only helping the environment and the economy but also could get money in your pocket from local scrap yards. For all of your scrap metal recycling needs in the Boston area, contact Allied Recycling Center today! 

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