What Car Parts Are Worth The Most At A Scrap Metal Facility?

If you have old, junk vehicle parts sitting in your garage collecting dust, you can earn some money for them by selling them to a scrap metal recycling center! Like with all scrap metal, each car part is worth a different amount of money, with prices that are typically based on the weight of the item & the scrap value of the metal. Prices for scrap metal are constantly fluctuating according to several factors, but some car parts are almost always worth more than others! In this article, we’ll talk about the car parts that are typically worth the most when you sell them to a scrap metal recycling facility! Looking to sell car parts or a whole junk vehicle in Southeastern Massachusetts? Contact our team at Allied Recycling Center today to learn about our scrap metal purchasing and junk vehicle pickup services!

Catalytic Converters

Catalytic converters are car parts that convert engine exhaust into emissions that are less harmful to the environment. Due to the US Clean Air Act, every car manufactured after 1975 is required to have a catalytic converter. Catalytic converters contain platinum, palladium, rhodium, and other valuable metals, making them one of the most valuable car parts! If you have an extra catalytic converter laying around your garage or have a junk vehicle that contains one, sell it to your local scrap facility and earn some cash!

Aluminum Radiators 

Radiators contain a large amount of aluminum, making them a valuable item to scrap metal recycling facilities! The radiator is located right behind a vehicle’s grill and can be removed easily, so you won’t need a mechanic or car expert to do it for you! Be sure that when you remove the radiator from your junk vehicle, you drain out all the remaining coolant before you bring it to a scrap facility!

Engine Blocks 

Car engines are one of the most valuable components of any car. Because engines are so expensive, it is often more expensive to replace them than to purchase a new vehicle. If your old car has an engine that no longer works, the best option is to sell it to a scrap metal recycling facility! Engine blocks often weigh a lot and contain aluminum, steel, and other metals, making them worth a pretty penny when you sell them to a recycling center!


Alternators are the part of a car responsible for charging and replenishing the battery. Alternators contain copper wire, which is one of the most valuable types of scrap metal. The amount of money that a scrap facility will pay for your alternate depends on its size, weight, and types of metals it contains.

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