What Exactly is Ferrous Scrap?

At Allied Recycling, we offer scrap metal recycling, which includes ferrous scrap metal. We also offer non-ferrous scrap recycling, which includes things such as aluminum cans, but ferrous scrap is a bit different from non-ferrous scrap. So, what is ferrous scrap? For starters, the word, “ferrous”, comes from the Latin word, “ferrum” which means iron. It is able to be recycled, and as a matter of fact, it is some of the most recycled material in the entire world.

Ferrous scrap is any scrap metal consisting of iron, steel or even both, however, this does not include stainless steel. Ferrous scrap is also known as being magnetic, which is why stainless steel is not included, as this material does not contain magnetic properties. This all being said, they are typically a large, manufactured article, such as automobile bodies. In the case of automobiles, they are made of about 65% ferrous materials, so during the metal recycling process, the other substances are removed and sorted out of this ferrous scrap. There are also many other ferrous scrap metals that can be recycled, which are as follows:

  • Steel Containers
  • Cans
  • Construction Materials
  • Cast Iron
  • Heavy Melting Steel
  • Pressing Steel
  • Reinforcing Bars or Mesh
  • Turnings
  • Manganese Steel
  • Rails
  • Farm Equipment
  • Household Appliances
  • Structured Steel

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