Grapple With Scrap Metal

Why Recycle Scrap Metal

Many people have heard about the importance of recycling, but all too often they assume that stops with plastic bottles and cardboard boxes. While it’s important to recycle those smaller items, there’s a much bigger recycling industry that you should be supporting. Recycling scrap metal has benefits for you and the environment, so there’s no reason not to do it!

Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions

The process of recycling scrap metal greatly reduces greenhouse gas emissions. This can be credited to the fact that recycled scrap metal will be reused as new metal, with much less of a process than is used to make brand new metal from natural materials. This ultimately means that energy can be saved and allocated for other important needs.

Keeping Landfills Clean

Of course, a landfill will never be completely clean because of what it is, but by not sending your scrap metal to join the pile you can make a big impact. Scrap metal does not degrade in the landfill. That means that once it’s put there, it will remain for hundreds of years. Instead, by recycling you can keep the scrap metal out of landfills and encourage the recycling industry as a whole.

Conserving Resources

Many of the natural resources used to make metal are non-renewable. That means that once we use them all, they’re gone for good. Recycling scrap metal prevents the need for using those precious non-renewable resources to create new metal. Instead, the resources that were used to create your scrap metal get to be reused time and time again.

You Make Money!

We told you that recycling scrap metal could benefit you directly and you’re probably wondering how. The answer is simple – money! By recycling scrap metal, you often receive a payment per pound depending on the type of material you’re recycling. Even if the monetary amount you receive is small, it’s more than you would get if you simply threw the scrap metal away! Recycling scrap metal is an especially lucrative industry if you have it often and in larger amounts.

We aim to make the process of recycling scrap metal as simple and easy as possible. Not only does that make your part easier, but it encourages our customers to recycle scrap metal more often. Come see us at Allied Recycling Center today to learn more about how you can begin recycling your scrap metal, helping the environment, and making some extra cash today! For any questions, call us at  (508) 668-8699 or contact us.