Which Types Of Scrap Metal Are The Most Valuable?

Selling scrap metal for recycling or repurposing is a great way to earn a bit of extra cash. This often brings up the question, “What types of metal can I scrap for the most cash?”. While scrap metal prices constantly fluctuate, some metals are always more valuable than others. In this article, we’ll go over which types of scrap metal are the most valuable and where you can sell your scrap!


Copper is widely considered the most valuable type of scrap metal you can sell for recycling. It fetches a consistently higher price than other metals, usually between $2 and $4 per pound. You can find copper in electrical wiring and plumbing fixtures. Copper in wiring is generally higher quality and will get a higher price when scrapping. Be sure to remove the wire insulation before scrapping for higher profits! 


Brass is another high-value scrap metal. It’s a less commonly used metal, so you may have to do some research to find where to get the best price for it. Brass is quite expensive to make from scratch since it includes expensive copper and zinc, so recycling will help bring that cost down. Look for brass in light fixtures, locks, home decor, and more. 


Aluminum is one of the most common metals around. Because of this, it’s not going to be worth as much per pound as other metals. However, because it’s so easy to find, it’s simple enough to amass enough of it to sell for a good profit. Recycling aluminum uses less energy and monetary resources than making it from raw materials, so recycling companies are motivated to give a reasonable price for it. Aside from aluminum drink cans, you can also find aluminum in outdoor furniture, exercise equipment, and some tools. 

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is another profitable metal for selling scrap. This type of metal is often used in the kitchen: refrigerators, knives, pots, pans, and more are commonly made of stainless steel. Stainless steel is also a common building material used for roof sheeting and cladding. As with other metals, creating new stainless steel is more expensive than recycling, so it is often in high demand. 

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