How Is Scrap Metal Recycled?

This is a common question we get. It is sometimes hard to imagine how big scrap metal is recycled, and sometimes people don’t even know if scrap metal is something that you can recycle. People think about recycling with cans and bottles and a lot of the times forget about metals. Scrap metal is recyclable and it should always be recycled.

Here is a breakdown of how scrap metal recycled, so you can get a clear understanding of how you can recycle and why it is important. Metal can be used for a variety of different things – from industrious buildings all the way down to everyday items.

How to tell if your metal can be recycled

Both ferrous (iron or steel)and non ferrous (everything else) metals can be recycled and are very important to the scrap industry. An easy way to tell which type of metal you have to take a magnet and see if it sticks. If it does stick then you have ferrous metal, if not, then you have non ferrous. Sometimes non ferrous metals can even be mistaken for aluminum or brass. If you are wondering if your metal can be recycled, the first indicator would be that it needs to be at least 50% metal. Both types of metal can and should be recycled, but there is a different value depending on which metal you have.

Step by step on how metal is recycled

Once the metal is sorted out by which type of metal it is, the next step is to compress the metal so that it takes up less space, then it gets crushed so it is small. After the metal is crushed, then it gets shredded into tiny pieces. The point of shredding is to use less energy into the recycling process. Next the metal gets melted in a large furnace which could take up to multiple hours. Once the metal has been melted, it is then purified. This is done to ensure that the metals are free of impurities.  This also shows that the metal’s base is of high qualities. The last step is to solidify the metal so that it can be used again.

Once the metal can be used again, it can be turned into anything, like poles for a building. Recycling metal is important so that we can continue to use our natural resources.

If you have metals and are unsure if it can be recycled feel free to give us a call or with any other questions about how metal is recycled, visit our website.