We can recycle anything made from aluminum.

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We Accept the Following of Aluminum:

Old Sheet

Like its counter part, light iron, sheet aluminum is a light gauge aluminum found in many consumer and industrial applications.

Cast Aluminum

Cast aluminum scrap is aluminum poured into molds such as engine blocks, transmission, ornamental pieces.

Irony Aluminum

Generally cast or sheet aluminum with foreign attachments such as iron screws, plastic or rubber.


Aluminum rims from automobiles and trucks.

Insulated Aluminum Wire

A very good electrical conductor. Aluminum wire is becoming very common with the cost of copper wire rising.

Aluminum/Copper Radiator

Found in home and office base heating boards as well as heating and refrigeration applications.


Unlike cast, extrusion uses a solid heated piece of aluminum and it forced through a die to make long shapes.

MLC Aluminum

MLC or mixed low copper is a very clean mixed metal aluminum alloy. It can come in solids, sheets, or clips.

Aluminum Radiator

Aluminum radiators from vehicles or equipment can be recycled. All fluid must be drained.

Aluminum/Copper Radiator End

Steel ends with copper attached. The ends are typically removed from aluminum copper radiators.

Thermal Break

Aluminum extrusion with plastic or rubber molded or inserted into the material. Mostly used for commercial window and door applications.

Beverage Can

Those aluminum cans used for beverages are recyclable. One of the most highly manufactured material from aluminum.

6000 Series Solid

6000 Series aluminum can come in all shapes and sizes from solids, sheets and extrusion. One of the most highly used aluminum in


Those drain spouts or gutters made from aluminum are recyclable.

Litho Sheet

Litho sheets used in the process of printing presses can be recycled whether new or old.

Aluminum Turning

Aluminum turnings from manufacturing. Can come in different grades of aluminum.

EC Aluminum Wire

Bare aluminum electrical wire with no connectors or insulation.