We can recycle anything which bears copper.

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We Accept the Following of Bearing:

Electric Motor

Electric motors come in all shapes and sizes and generally has copper winding inside. It helps convert electrical energy into mechanical

Sealed Unit

Compressors from refrigeration and air cooling units and equipment.

Electric Meter

Electric meters both residential and commercial have copper components in them which makes them have some value. Typically separated by


Solenoids can be found on automotive starters or in the automotive itself. It helps convert electric energy into mechanical energy.


The stator is the stationary part found in electric generators or other electric motors. It contains copper winding.


In electric motors the armature is the rotating copper wound part which rotates in a stator to create electrical energy.

Power Supply

Computers and other equipment have to be powered. When done with these units we can recycle the power supply.

AC Compressor

AC compressors are found in air condition application on automobiles and trucks.


Ballast are used to regulate electricity. Mostly found in overhead florescent lighting in office buildings.


Transformers help transfer electrical energy using coils. The coils can be made from copper or aluminum.


Alternators are used mostly in automotive applications. It helps convert mechanical energy into electrical energy like a generator.


Starters like its name a helps automotive engines start and initiate operation.