Copper Wire

We can recycle anything containing wire.

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We Accept the Following of Copper Wire:

Insulated Aluminum Wire

A very good electrical conductor. Aluminum wire is becoming very common with the cost of copper wire rising.

Armored Cable Wire

Also know as BX Cable. Comes with aluminum or steel casing. Newer cable typically containers THHN wire well older cable may have cloth #2

Romex Wire

The electrical wire you typically find in residential and commercial walls running outlets, wall switches and over head lights.


High copper content electrical wire found in residential and industrial applications.

Communication Cable

Also known as cat wire. Used for wiring computer related devices.

Extension Cord

Electrical copper wire extension cords only.

MCM Cable

High copper containing electrical wire. Can contain up to 90-95% copper. Used in heavy power applications.

Well Pump Wire

Electrical wire which helps run sump pumps.

Low Grade Wire

Copper wire found in extension cords or charger cords.

Computer Wire

Computer wire is low grade copper wire found inside computers such as connector wires ribbon wire.

Harness Wire

Electrical wire usually wrapped which supplies power to the automobile and its components. It runs throughout the automobile.

EC Aluminum Wire

Bare aluminum electrical wire with no connectors or insulation.