We can recycle most electronics.

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We Accept the Following of E-Scrap:

Power Supply

Computers and other equipment have to be powered. When done with these units we can recycle the power supply.

Cell Phone

Did you know your cell phone contains all kinds of metals? Copper, aluminum and other metals. Some precious metals are contained in


Lots of metals in laptops. Copper, aluminum and some precious metals.

Telecom Equipment

Telecom equipment contains lots of copper, aluminum and other metals.


Servers run the internet and networks. Servers contain copper, aluminum and other metals.

Memory Card

Found in servers, laptops and desktops, memory cards contain precious metals.


The boards from computers and servers keep everything running. They contain copper, aluminum and other metals.


Typically towers are full computers used at home and work and contain all computer components.

CPU Chip

The brains of computers and servers. Some contain precious metals.