We can recycle anything made from brass.

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We Accept the Following of Brass:

Brass Plumbing

Non-ferrous fixtures and valves used in the residential and industrial plumbing industry.

Brass Water Meter

Residential and industrial water meters made from brass.

Brass Pipe

Pipes made from brass used to carry water.

Semi-Red Brass

Semi-red brass is similar to red brass but with a higher lead content and also may contain yellow brass.

Brass Machinery Part

Brass machinery parts which could be red brass, yellow brass, bronze or other brass yielding grades.

Rod Brass

Rod brass solids are excellent for machining operations and can be used as material for brass extruders.

EDM Wire

Brass wire sometimes referred to as hair wire.

Brass Turning

Brass turnings from manufacturing. They can come in different grades of brass.

Brass Shell

Those shells lying in the gun range are recyclable brass.


Bronze is an alloy consisting primarily of copper, tin and other metals and non-metals.

Nickel Silver Brass

Is a copper alloy with nickel and sometimes zinc. Nickel silver is named due to its silvery appearance, but contains no actual silver in the

Brass Radiator

Brass radiators are found in older automobiles, trucks and equipment.